George is a long standing cockney speaker with a difference. He has addressed many clubs, schools and after dinner audiences over the years, not only in this country but abroad.
His talks are designed to last at least an hour but he can adapt it to last as long as required to suit your needs. No one can give a talk like George's on the pearly kings and queens, history going back 180 years. What better way of hearing about the history other than from George in his own cheeky cockney way.
He can adjust his talks to reach all age groups, from the youngster at school to the pensioner. (And not one person fell asleep) You can also invite George to open your fete, shop, market place or as a wedding guest, but watch he don't finish up marrying the bride! Or any other celebration all in the name of charity.
Whatever the occasion he will come dressed in his traditional pearly king suit as the pearly king of Peckham. He has been invited back on many occasions by popular demand and has been recommended to many other groups.
So e-mail him now and let the fun begin George@pearlykingofpeckham.co.uk. Here is some comments on George's visits.


Rebekah 03 November 2009

Dear George - It was a pleasure to meet you this morning, Daniel, the Pearly Prince was a delight too, your friends were really kind and thank them for bringing you.

Firstly I must say you and Daniel looked superb, the children were really in awe of you both, I don't think they've ever seen anything like it before. 

Then you are a master story teller, you really tell a terrific story, bringing the whole Pearly tradition to life and to a level that the children could understand and made it different for the variety of ages that attended the event. That is a real skill, plus I could see you and Daniel are very proud of your Pearly heritage it came over in all you said. We loved the pictures and of course the little Pearly Princess outfit was a winner. Thank you for bringing all your treasures, I feel that I too, have learnt something rather special today.

Your energy and enthusiasm are amazing, it's no mean feat to talk for an hour or so to little ones, let alone wearing all your Pearly outfit, you did us proud and we were delighted to hear the history of the tradition. I can't sing your praises high enough.

The children will probably doing projects of various kinds about your visit, I will forward pics to you for your records. I will also speak to the headmaster about the charity and see if they would like/can to link up and maybe think of other events too.

Thank you all for giving us your time and huge effort to make over here to us, early rising, rain and traffic, we all really appreciated it 

With kind regards and best wishes

Cathy O'Sullivan 15 January 2010

Dear George

On behalf of St Vincent's Nursing Home, the Residents & I wish to thank you very much for bringing such joy & laughter into their lives, we can't wait for your next visit.

Many thanks

Best wishes


Jack Maunders Kingston Ex-Tablers Club 12 February 2009

Dear George

I hope you both got home safely on Wednesday after our meeting.

I am writing to personally thank you ( and your delightful Queen Lorraine ) for taking the time to visit our club and presenting such an interesting and enthralling talk. What a pity there wasn't more time ! I have already started flipping through your book, and will read it in full soon -- and I will definitely buy the second stage of your memoirs. We greatly enjoyed the charming company of yourself and the lovely Lorraine, and I hope that she wasn't too put off by 15 dirty old men leering at her ! ( I think she enjoyed it ! )

As I mentioned at the end of the meeting, we have some unallocated Charity Funds in our Charity account, which is being transferred from the Royal Kingston Round Table which is closing down. This will be discussed at our AGM on 22nd April. I will be proposing that we donate some to you to give to whatever Charities you wish to support, either Help a London Child, or Sponsorship for the street parties, or indeed anything else. We will contact you again at that time, probably through John Ballard.

Meanwhile, I hope that you will continue with your terrific work, and the Pearly Tradition isn't allowed to die. Good luck with the Museum.

Margaret (Brown Owl)2 October 2009

George, The Brownies have done a thank you card for you but I don't know your address to send it to you. Is it possible to give it to me.

Last week we did pearly purses and reminded our selves of your talk and the song. The girls loved your visit and the facinating information you passed across.



Mary Farmer on April 16th, 2008

It was an inspiration to see Mr George Major, Pearly King of Peckham at the opening of the Westside Suport Services, Service User Event on the 1st April. Mr Major did not hesitate to make all the service users feel comfortable. His tremendous character seemed to be a hit with everyone and his kind personality made the event very special. It was a delight for him to participate as it is clear that the history of the Pearly King is very important to London, especially considering the charitable history of the Costermongers. Most of the service users remarked after the event that George made the laugh and he talked to them all as individuals, which made people feel important. This was a special occasion especially considering how excluded our service users are. George showed there is human spirit still out there and gave everyone a reason to believe in human kindness. If there was more like George our world would be a better place. George did this event out of kindness and he is a true star. Mary Farmer (Social Worker)

Angie on May 12th, 2008

George came to my daughters wedding dressed in his pearls and made the whole day go with a swing, my daughter adored him and so did our guests he made a point of chatting to absolutely everyone.
Just want to say thank you George you put an extra bit of shine on a brilliant day.
All the best.

Paul on May 15th, 2008

Dear George

It was a great honour to have a King as out VIP guest at the town's celebration of its 30th Anniversary of twinning with Luynes. We hope you enjoyed the evening; you certainly gave the theme an authenticity. For me it has been along time since I have seen a Pearly King (and for many at the party it was their first glimpse of an old London tradition). I thought you and your kindred spirits had died out long ago, but I am delighted that you are still going strong. I haven't had a chance to read your book you so kindly autographed, but when I do, I hope I will learn more about traditions. Correction, I have just had a sneak preview of the book and suddenly I had to tear myself away having just read the first 19 pages! It's good and we are going away next weekend over the bank holiday, so already I am looking forward to a good read over the next week or so.

I hope you had a good journey home it seemed a long way to go at such a late hour. I am sending a cheque to cover your expenses and perhaps a small donation towards your charity. You have a charming family and such an attractive Pearly Queen and Pearly Princess, you must be quite proud of them.

On behalf of the Association, thank you for coming to see us and helping to make it such a memorable, even royal evening.

Yours sincerely
Paul Brunt

Michelle Brooker on April 16th, 2009

Wednesday afternoon saw the prison library full of cockney cheer as the immensely entertaining pearly king, George Major delivered a talk to a group of approximately twenty five prisoners and staff. Fortified with several cups of rosie lee, George told us about the origins and history of the Pearlies and the charity work that they still carry out today as well as answering questions from the audience. Besides turning up in full pearly dress George had also brought along photographs of bygone pearly families and various other memorabilia that helped to bring the talk alive. Even prisoners reluctant to be involved initially, were slowly drawn in by George's narration.

Afterwards the prisoners were were positive about the event, discussing it long after they had returned to the wings. They found the stories entertaining and were interested to learn about a little bit of London's history and the old traditions. Their enthusiasm is reflected in a few of the comments taken from the evaluation forms that they were asked to complete at the end of the event:

‘Even though I am from Newcastle I found it interesting'

‘...interesting, George was a good bloke...'

‘It was an experience...don't get to meet people like him'.

Hope this is OK and if you ever want to come back please let me know