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The Pearly Gates


A magical mystery tour as seen through the eyes of the author, the Pearly King of Peckham. Depicting the work of the original Pearly Kings and Queens and the tireless work they do for charity, bringing joy and laughter to many less fortunate people across the world.
A magical story that brings to life the history of the Pearly tradition, fuelling the imagination of the child's mind.
A story that proves any obstacle in life can be overcome with courage and determination.



The author is the Pearly King of Peckham. He already has the first instalment of his auto-biography "The hidden whistle and flute" stitch one published, which is a story of George's childhood, which was not a happy one. Brought up by a maiden aunt who was bitter at having the charge of a young boy, he had no love or childhood comforts.
The second instalment "The stolen whistle and flute" stitch two is due out in 2011.
It is because of this bad beginning that George found his true personality and drive in later life through the Pearly Kings and Queens tradition which he knew was in his mother's family, it has made him the person he is today. He has become the most well known Pearly King in modern times.
But his fame is a far cry from the tough start in life; George was not prepared to let his childhood or his acute deafness hold him back and has made a success of his role as the Pearly King of Peckham, with the help of his hearing aids, a talent for lip reading and a cheeky determination. He has given numerous talks about the Pearly history and tradition to clubs, after dinner speeches and many schools as he unfolds the story in his cheeky way, it can be adapted to hold the attention of any age group from the very young child to the pensioner.
On his talks to the schools he invites the children to ask questions after the talk and it's their questions and the letters he receives from them after his visit that he can see into the child's imagination which inspired him to write this book.